Conservation of nest zone protected birds in the selected Natura 2000 sites in Lubelszczyzna region




In selected places of particular project activities, we have installed 5 information/education boards that describe the general assumptions of the project and - depending on the place of installation - selected its activities.


     The first of the boards was dedicated to the task of restoring convenient feeding grounds for the lesser spotted eagle by recreating unused meadows and pastures. Its location could not be other than the edge of our pasture near Zamch, which was mowed for the first time in many years as part of the project. Currently, thanks to the grazing Polish koniks, that bravely work on maintaining the environmental effect of the LIFE project, the place is becoming an increasingly popular tourist attraction.



The topic of the second board is, unfortunately, dominated by the still existing problem of white-tailed eagles poisoning, which is particularly common on the southern edge of the Solska Wilderness. In order to once again draw the attention of the local inhabitants to the essence and cause of the problem, apart from the information campaign conducted earlier (classes with children, meetings with farmers, disposition of folders and posters), we decided to leave a lasting trace of the information campaign in the local landscape. Thanks to the courtesy of the management of the Cultural and Sports Centre in Cieszanów, we installed the boards in front of the building of the Culture Center in Stary Lubliniec.



Another action that has been commemorated in the form of a board was the installation of shields against bird strikes on the medium voltage lines. Following the successful cooperation between LTO (Ornithological Association in Lublin) and PGE Dystrybucja S.A., at the power station in Tyszowce, we installed a board informing about the assumptions and effects of this task.

Near this place, many secure lines meet so the chosen location helped to present the task both in theory and in practice.


 The fourth board, which thanks to the courtesy of the Forest Inspectorate of Strzelce was installed in the forest parking lot near Maziarnia Strzelecka, was devoted to the issue of the lesser spotted eagle adoption as a method of limiting losses in breeding caused by the phenomenon of the so-called siblicide. Also, in this case, the location of the plaque was not accidental - Strzelecki Forests have one of the largest populations of this species in the region.



Also in the forest areas, with the consent and participation of the employees of the Parczew Forest Inspectorate, we installed the last of the boards. It was built near an educational shelter located near the nature reserve Parczewski Forests, within the boundaries of the Natura 2000 area of the same name. The subject of the board definitely corresponded to the specificity of the place where it was founded - in this case, the described task was connected to the assembly of breeding platforms, with particular emphasis on breeding platforms for the Eurasian eagle-owl, which is almost the flagship species of these areas.



  koszenie   bielik   oslony   orlik   puchacz




We will soon find educational packages in the form of puzzles along with an information brochure, which is a summary of knowledge about species of zonal birds, presented in class, to schools in which we conducted educational activities as part of the LIFE project. We hope that our reappearance in educational institutions located in the area covered by the project will result in the local student community will not perceive our activities as a one-time information campaign and will treat them as part of a comprehensive and long-term action to preserve local biodiversity - an action that participation in classes has already become a part and action, which through their attitude to nature in the future, may become one of the most valuable effects. 

pudelko   bocian    wlochatka


The brochure is available for download HERE






 Another promotional and information material issued as part of the project implementation is a folder presenting the assumptions of the project implementation, species of birds protected as part of its implementation and a description of individual activities, both ongoing and already completed. The electronic version of the folder is available below, and printed copies can be obtained from the LIFE project office, located on ul. Mełgiewska 74 in Lublin. We encourage you to read.

Electronic version is ready to download hehe

folder do pobrania




In the project we wish to familiarize inhabitants of project areas with silhouettes of protected birds.
Under promotional activities we have prepared 5 types of posters, presenting our “pupils” in their natural environment. Posters with images of lesser spotted eagle, boreal owl, short-toed snake eagle, black stork and white-tailed eagle shall be distributed in schools
where we provide educational courses and on meetings with famers and hunters, to whom we shall present our activities soon. In addition, we have also prepared the thematic poster, drawing attention to the issue of placing poisoned carrion in Puszcza Solska forest, which in the winter turns into a deadly trap for birds. That visual aid shall help us reach hearts and minds of persons not aware of negative effects of their actions.














Article on the project published in the PTAKI (birds) quarterly





 A calendar for the year 2016 is available containing photographs of the species covered by the project. See what is available in the project promotion section.




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