Conservation of nest zone protected birds in the selected Natura 2000 sites in Lubelszczyzna region





In the project we wish to familiarize inhabitants of project areas with silhouettes of protected birds.
Under promotional activities we have prepared 5 types of posters, presenting our “pupils” in their natural environment. Posters with images of lesser spotted eagle, boreal owl, short-toed snake eagle, black stork and white-tailed eagle shall be distributed in schools
where we provide educational courses and on meetings with famers and hunters, to whom we shall present our activities soon. In addition, we have also prepared the thematic poster, drawing attention to the issue of placing poisoned carrion in Puszcza Solska forest, which in the winter turns into a deadly trap for birds. That visual aid shall help us reach hearts and minds of persons not aware of negative effects of their actions.














Article on the project published in the PTAKI (birds) quarterly





 A calendar for the year 2016 is available containing photographs of the species covered by the project. See what is available in the project promotion section.




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