Conservation of nest zone protected birds in the selected Natura 2000 sites in Lubelszczyzna region

wędrówki orlików

Come and help us track the migrations of lesser spotted eagles, which were captured within the framework of the project in 2015


In 2015 we captured 18 adult lesser spotted eagles. The birds were equipped with GPS-GSM loggers. The transmitters are able to provide the geographical position with a frequency of up to 1 position per minute. In practice, in the breeding season the transmitters operate at a frequency of 1 reading every 5 minutes. The device simultaneously records such parameters as time, temperature, height and the speed of movement of the bird. Some data are transmitted through cellular network via the well-known short text message system (each SMS contains four geographical positions); other data are "downloaded" from the transmitter with the help of UHF antennas. This second method is much less energy-consuming (it is the sending of an SMS message, not the location of the GPS, that constitutes the largest energy cost of the logger), so it allows us to collect a lot of data without overloading the battery. A combination of these two parallel and independent systems of transmitting data from the transmitter enables us to keep a constant contact with the bird, which best example is the ability to track bird migration on the above map. After the birds return to the breeding grounds it will be possible to download from the transmitters much more data that are currently collected in the internal memory of the device. We hope that the large amount of data collected by the loggers together with the descriptions of habitats, performed within a radius of 3 km from each nest, will satisfy our curiosity on the subject of the habitat selection of these remarkable birds.




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